Queen Maud of Norway | A young lady on the Isle of Wight

On 26 August 1909, a Norwegian newspaper retold a charming story from Cassell's Saturday Journal, concerning a certain young lady on the Isle of Wight.

Once upon a time, when Queen Maud of Norway was still Princess Maud of Wales, she was visiting her grandmother at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

A charity bazaar was organised close by, and young Maud took part and charge of one of the stands.

Before long, a young officer stopped by and bought a couple of the things that she had on offer. Then, he tried very hard to strike up a conversation.

‘I am certain that I know you,’ he said when all other attempts had failed. ‘Does your family live nearby?’

‘No, I am staying with my grandmother,’ the princess responded.

‘Ah, then I am sure to know her, as I know most people hereabouts,’ the officer continued reassuringly. ‘What is her name? I will visit her.’

First, a smile came over the princess’s face – then a crushing response: ‘Queen Victoria.’

The unfortunate and embarrassed young man turned around in a split second – and was gone like a shot.

Source: Gjengangeren 1909.08.26 page 1. Nasjonalbiblioteket. nb.no 2022.07.18. | MNR.00024

By LA Dahlmann | My Norwegian heritage
Category: Royalty