A man died after being bitten by a wolf | Norway AD 1720

In 1720, in the community of Meldal in Trøndelag, Norway, Vellik Andersson died aged 37, after being bitten by a wild wolf. He was buried on 8 September.

Vellik was the son of Anders and Mildri, tenants on the farm Nordvoll, and was the oldest of 6 siblings.

Vellik married Marit Skarålia in 1716, and during their short marriage, the two had a daughter, Maria, and a son, also named Vellik, born in the same year that his father died.

The daughter, Maria, married Halvar Eriksson Stensflott in 1743 – and she also named her son Vellik, in honour of her late father.

Source: Lykkja, Nils. Meldal Bygdebok vol 3. Gard og ætt I. Meldal kommune 1956. | MNR.00023

By LA Dahlmann | My Norwegian heritage